Do I Dare?

Simply Painting

30 Paintings in 30 Days is coming up again in September, and do I dare???

This spring and summer has been so busy for me, moving my mother here to live next door to me, and all the adjustments that is for all of us. My art has taken a place on the back burner … always in my mind, but never the time. So will I be able to make time in September?

I’m going to try. I love the fact that this is a no pressure challenge…ha-ha…

My mom is amazing. She wants to go…go…go and go some more…So last Friday we went to garage sales…something I never do, but Wow! I found some really wonderful vintage frames!  I popped one of  my latest paintings in this frame and I love the look!


This painting is for sale along with the vintage frame in my Etsy shop

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