Still Working on The Shepherd

I’ve come to a stand still on The Shepherd painting. I was hoping to finish it last time I posted back in April, but I didn’t… I had to stop the progress, so I could move my mom here from Arkansas. And now it is dry and sits waiting for me…

shepSometimes paintings never are completed…this may be one…

8 thoughts on “Still Working on The Shepherd

  1. This painting is beautiful! Done give up. I’m sure inspiration will come–though I don’t see that it needs much. Looks fabulous to me! How nice to have your Mom nearby now. Mine is still 2000 miles away. That’s where I am spending July.

    • Yes, it is nice having her so close. I never looked forward to those long trips to her house, so this is refreshing. A big move, though, and lots of work. We still have lots of boxes to unpack.

      I think I just need the time to finish it up and maybe a little expert advice. Thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration.

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