The Shepherd

I’ve been working on this painting the last three days…


shepherdI wanted to show a more modern day perception of a good shepherd. And this young man is all that.  I’m so proud of him. His kindness, compassion, concern and love for people around him…for family…and for his lambs. He also raises cattle. I want to depict the lamb happily asleep in his arms knowing that he is cared for. Just like we should feel in the arms of our Father who promises mercy and kindness towards us when we trust in Him.

More coming soon…

10 thoughts on “The Shepherd

  1. It’s lovely. You can see kindness in his face & eyes.
    I’m also interested in your painting process. Is it easier to paint sections in full detail or to paint the overall – blocking in colour and then adding detail?

    • On this one I started with the face. For me it was easier to concentrate on the details of the face. It has taken me hours just working on the face and I’ve done it over several times. I’ll post some earlier pictures in my next post. I’m really just trying to learn to do portraits. After the second day I started painting in the background which went really fast. I figured I could leave the lamb and work on it once I was happy with the portrait part.

      I’m so glad you can see the kindness in his face and eyes. That’s what I was really trying to achieve. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Pam…thanks so much. The paint is darkening a bit as it is drying… I’m hoping I can lighten it up a bit without doing it over again. Always learning aren’t we? I’m getting your painting to the post office this afternoon. 🙂

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