Zazu is my daughter-in-law’s horse. She is a vet, and had just remodeled a new office  in her barn. My thought was to paint her horse, so she could hang it in her new office. The photo above was taken with her phone and it totally inspired me. Beautiful pose for a horse and I loved that the colors of the fence and background were essentially the same. But she preferred the pose below…


A little more difficult. The back leg is blurry, but I could still visualize the fence and trees in the background and the horse running in front. So here is the sequence of the painting, and this probably should be called…How Not to Paint a Horse.

horse 1




At this point I began to add trees in the background and I just could not get it to look right. I ended up smudging it all in, and taking a break. So here is where I left it…for another day…

zazu 6

I’m doing 30 Paintings in 30 Days through January, so this painting is on hold. Hopefully I can come back to it with a refreshed vision.

7 thoughts on “Zazu

  1. I can sure see why this is challenging for you. Dare I say that I can tell it’s not flowing for you? I know how much this will mean to her. Hope it all comes together for you.

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