A Portrait in Progress

Early one morning when our family was gathered in the living room, I looked over at my daughter wrapped up in a soft brown blanket, hair uncombed, staring intently out the window meditating on what was being said in the room around her. The sunlight was coming in through the window behind her head and reflecting on the glass of the large painting that hung in front of her. “This would be perfect”, I thought, “to try a learn to paint a portrait”.   Here are some pictures of my portrait in progress…

portrait 1

portrait 2

portrait 3

Not the greatest photos, but I wanted to try and keep track of my progress. You can tell I am working on the hair. It takes a lot of time and concentration.

In the background you can see the lemon painting I posted about last time On My Easel. It’s drying and I’ve got to figure out how to take a good picture of it. I might have to get one of my in house photographers to help me out with that. The lighting in this room is very different in the winter. The sun is low and bright and shines right in the south window, so it’s hard to get an accurate photo, at least for me it is… 🙂

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