Two Commissions Finished…

Brrr! It’s cold today…I warmed up my coffee on the hot wood stove that heats our house, and then I heard the icy rain begin to put it’s mark on this very frigid, blustery day. A perfect day to finish up some paintings and post about them…

I’m calling this Spunky Rooster, a commission for a friend…

Spunky Rooster copy6″ x  6″ oil on canvas

And my second Dala Horse for an older Swedish lady…

Dala Horse 38″ x  10″ oil on canvas

If you haven’t seen the giveaway of my 2014 calendar, you can read all about it on my new website or my other blog Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme.  But hurry, only 3 days left to enter for a free calendar or a mini painting by an artist friend of mine. 🙂

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