A Visual Idea

I saw a painting that inspired me and decided to borrow the idea and try it out myself…I love the colors, the flowers, but mostly the ease of expression or impression… this is what I came up with…Fun!

Before subject or composition, before values, shapes, or color, before you pick up a brush you must first have a visual idea, an artistic concept. Beg, borrow or steal an idea, but get one! ~ Robert Bisset

All successful works of art have a visual concept or idea. Work that does not have a visual concept may be a sketch, a study or a ho-hum painting. If you have an idea firmly in mind you’re halfway home. What are some concepts painters have used to insure their work reaches the level of true art?

“The idea is more important than the object.” Damien Hirst

Ask yourself what is it about the subject that caught your eye; what are you …”thinking and feeling in relation to the subject. What was the first split second impression. Why did you stop to photograph it? Was it the shape, color, texture, contrast, simplicity, atmosphere, or the light?” Al Brouillette, The Evolving Picture., pg 10.

And this is the beautiful painting by Kit Hevron Mahoney…I still have so much to learn!!!

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