Ancient Ruins on Devonish Island

I have always been fascinated with archeology, and there are so many mysteries that we do not understand. Rock walls in strange places like Rockwall, Texas, that could possibly be an incredibly huge foundation similar to what the Aztecs and Mayans built long ago. No one is really taking an interest in finding out more about some of these ancient ruins. Ireland is a ancient relic in itself. Here is a painting by an unknown artist depicting a round tower and ruined abbey on Devonish Island, Ireland.

Devonish Island is probably best known for it’s perfect 12th-century round tower, one of the finest in Ireland, and ruined Augustinian abbey complete with intricately carved 15th-century high cross in graveyard. Here is a photo:

I also found two beautiful black and white photographs taken by a fellow blogger that show the cross:

According to an old proverb:

“There’s not a hut, the isle around,
But where a Jerry may be found.”

“In the midst of Ireland itself there is a tomb. A tomb that has been shown, and proven to be to be none other than that of Jeremiah, the Prophet, himself. In Lough Erne, the upper lake, is the small island of Davenish, and there, near its towering hollow pillar is the rock‑hewn sepulcher that has been known from time immemorial, beyond the knowledge of tradition to the contrary, as the tomb of Jeremiah…the great OLLAM FOLLA of Erin.”

Check out this virtual video of the island. 🙂

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