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White Splendor

It’s been ever so long since I posted here, actually it’s been ever so long since I painted anything. I finally found a little space of time to paint a white iris that I photographed back in May… 8″ X 10″ oil on canvas $160


Purple Rhapsody

8″ x 10″ oil on ampersand panel Last year I bought some beautiful tulip bulbs while visiting the wonderful little town of Holland, Michigan. While I was gone for a week this spring they bloomed into lovely colors of pinks and  purples. My daughter picked them to save them from a freeze. Returning home from…

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Progression of the Shepherd Painting

I had hoped to finish this painting today after a week long break, but maybe tomorrow…In the meantime I meant to post a progression of the painting, and to show how this face has changed over the days I’ve been working on it. Now I’ll show a little sneak preview of the lamb… As you…


The Shepherd

I’ve been working on this painting the last three days…   I wanted to show a more modern day perception of a good shepherd. And this young man is all that.  I’m so proud of him. His kindness, compassion, concern and love for people around him…for family…and for his lambs. He also raises cattle. I…


Zazu Finished

12″ x 24″ oil on canvas I think I’m finally finished with this one. In the previous post about Zazu, the painting had a fence, which I finally decided to take out, and it leaves the painting with a feeling of freedom. At least I think so…kind of like taking a big breath of fresh…

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New Painting ~ New Blog Post

Here is my newest painting… Peonies in Pink If you would like to read more about this painting and more about what is going on in my life, please visit My Blog on my website. And while you are there you can sign up for email updates on the Home page.    knaylorpaintings.com

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The Black Sheep

One of my sons is actually a shepherd of sorts…he raises sheep and cattle. The other morning he posted a picture of his sheep in the middle of a winter snow storm on instagram with this caption… There is something about sheep in the snow that catches my attention. “The Lamb” and “white as snow”…